Abstract / Torrens

About Abstracts & Torrens

An abstract of title is a written history of all the recorded documents and proceedings related to a specific property. An Abstract Company will research all the recorded records related to a property and prepare a written history.

The Torrens title system is registered land with a Certificate of Title which shows only outstanding encumbrances and is maintained in the Taxpayer Services department - Recorder's office.

Recording Fees

There are fees associated with Abstract and Torrens documents. Please review our Recording Fees page

Examiner of Title
John (Chuck) Peterson
Maschka, Riedy & Ries 
151 St Andrews Ct., Bldg. 1010
Mankato, MN 56001
Phone: (507) 625-6600
Fax: (507) 625-4002
 E-Mail: cpeterson@mrr-law.com

Deputy Examiner
Kimberly Literovich
Blethen, Gage & Krause
100 Warren St., Ste. 400
Mankato, MN  56001
Phone: (507) 345-1166
E-Mail: kliterovich@blethenlaw.com