Minnesota Electronic Child Care Online Billing System (MEC2 PRO)

MEC2 PRO is an electronic billing application that works with MEC2 and allows providers to submit bills for CCAP services to counties using a secure internet process.

MEC2 PRO allows providers:
  • Post billing information
  • View current and past submitted bill
  • Update data that has been entered
  • Contains links to remittance advices, reports, and county contact
  • Payment timeliness

Enrollment Process

  • Complete the MEC2 PRO Provider Enrollment and Assurance Forms
  • Designated provider staff member(s) will receive either a letter or e-mail with the user name and password to access the MEC2 PRO system and link to the secure website
  • Billing forms will then be available through MEC2 PRO for all consumers using CCA funds to pay for child care services with that provider.

Provider Resources

If you have further questions about MEC2 PRO, please contact our Child Care Assistance Program at (507) 304-4162.