Reporting to Jail

Effective March 16, 2020: Please call Jail Programming staff at 507-304-4835 if you have an upcoming check-in date and time. It is possible it may be delayed due to risk reduction for the COVID-19 outbreak. If you have concerns about reporting to jail as ordered, contact your probation officer or attorney to seek guidance. 

Instructions for Reporting for All Sentences

You have been ordered to serve a sentence in the Blue Earth County Jail. On your scheduled date and time, you must report to:
Blue Earth County Jail Release Lobby
401 Carver Road
Mankato, MN 56001

If you do not report on your scheduled date and time, a warrant will be issued for your arrest.

To avoid any problems or delays in starting your jail sentence, read and follow the instructions below.

Requirements & Fees

When checking into jail, please bring your copy of the sentencing order. You will be charged a $25.00 booking fee and a $5.00 vending card deposit (refunded upon release). You will be required to provide a breath test and possibly urine sample when you report to jail. Reporting to jail under the influence of alcohol or drugs will result in a delay of release privileges and possible loss of good time.

The Blue Earth County Justice Center is a tobacco-free facility. Do not bring tobacco products when reporting to serve your sentence. All tobacco products brought into the jail will be discarded upon entry. You should leave all personal property, including jewelry, purses, credit cards, etc. at home. The jail will not accept books, magazines, newspapers, games, hygiene items, or large bags of clothing.

Note: You are recommended to bring cash only since some fees do not take anything else. There will be an extra $1 fee for the use of debit cards.

Recommended Items to Bring

You should bring cash when you report, because you will have the opportunity to purchase hygiene products, stationary items, snacks, etc. You should bring any prescription medications with current Rx label and prescription glasses.

The day you report to the Blue Earth County Jail, come to the Release Lobby located on the west side of the Justice Center. Follow direction signage for parking.

Work Release Program

If you have been authorized by the Judge and plan to participate in Work Release, fill out the pre-qualification application packet and schedule an appointment with the Program Staff of the Blue Earth County Jail. Failure to complete the packet and/or schedule an appointment will delay your Work Release privileges until all required information is obtained.

If you would like to participate in the work release program, please print off, read, and complete the following forms:
Note: Final approval for all Work Release rests with the Jail Program staff.