Ponderosa Landfill

Closed to the Public - 11/23 & 24

The Ponderosa Landfill will be closed to the public on Thursday, November 23rd and Friday, November 24th in observance of Thanksgiving, but will resume normal operations on Saturday, November 25th from 8 am - Noon. 

Commercial Haulers may drop-off loads on Friday, the 24th from 7:30 am - Noon. Self-haulers are not allowed at this time. 


The Ponderosa Landfill is located at 20028 Gooseberry Lane about six miles southwest of Mankato. It is one mile west of the junction of County Road 33 and County Road 34.

Cash Prices

  • Loads are $0.03 per pound
  • Minnesota State tax on garbage is 17% 
  • Minimum rate is $5.13 per load plus tax.
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Charge Prices

  • Commercial MSW loads are $45 per ton
  • Minnesota State tax on garbage is 17%
  • Minimum charge of $5.13 per load plus tax.

Bulky Waste Prices

The rates for Bulky Waste will be as follows (prices includes tax): 

 1) Box Spring $22.00 (eff. May 27, 2023);  2) Mattress $22.00 (eff. May 27, 2023);  

3) Recliner $9.36;  4) Sofa $9.36;  5) Bulky item with mixed load $6.00

  • For Bulky Items brought separately, or in a segregated (Bulky Item) load, the customer will not be charged for the weight of the item, but will pay the per unit charge.
  • For Bulky Items brought in a mixed load, the item will be weighed with the mixed load, and the customer will be charged the weight of the item in addition to the Bulky Item mixed load price per unit.
  • If a Bulky Item is found in a mixed load on the workface, the mixed load charge will be added to the customer account.

   Why will the Ponderosa charge more for Bulky Waste? 

  • Bulky Waste Items are more difficult to handle at the Landfill than other waste items.
  • Bulky Waste Items weigh less than other items compared with the space they consume at the Landfill. This means that without a special charge, Bulky Items do not pay for the space they consume.

Waste Accepted

The Ponderosa Landfill is permitted to accept mixed municipal solid waste (MSW) and some industrial waste. MSW generally includes most household, office and commercial waste. The Ponderosa will also accept small loads of demolition and construction waste at regular MSW rates.

Commerical or large loads of demolition and construction waste will be charged by cubic yard, the current rate is $16.00 per cubic yard plus Minnesota State tax at 17%. Please stop in the office first if you arrive with a large load of construction or demolition waste, office staff will evaluate the load, compute cubic yardage, and provide instructions to dispose of the load on the workface.

Waste Not Accepted

The Ponderosa cannot accept the following wastes:

  • Yard wastes
  • Liquid wastes
  • Hazardous wastes
  • Medical or infectious wastes
  • Hot loads

Special Wastes

Certain wastes are not allowed to be disposed of within the fill area of the Landfill, but are accepted as a special waste for recycling off-site. There is a special charge for these items at the gate. Keep these wastes separate from the rest of your load, and notify the gate attendant if you have these:

  • Tires
  • Appliances
  • Vehicle Batteries
  • Waste Electronics- reduced rates for Blue Earth County residents (proof of residency)  

About the Landfill

The Ponderosa Landfill is a state-of-the-art sanitary (MSW) landfill which meets or exceeds environmental protection requirements of Minnesota and Federal Law. The Ponderosa has been in operation since 1972, and owned by Blue Earth County since 1996. The Ponderosa is permitted and routinely inspected by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

Integrated Waste Management

The County encourages the use of the Integrated Waste Management System, including Resource Recovery for waste disposal. The Ponderosa functions as part of the Integrated system by receiving residuals left after processing. The Ponderosa also accepts waste directly from waste haulers, as well as from area businesses, and the general public.