Septic Systems

Department Functions

Currently, the County Property and Environmental Resources Department staff perform the following duties:
  • Conducting soil verifications during the design process with designers
  • Reviewing plans submitted for permitting
  • Issuing permits
  • Conducting inspections of new installations
  • Reviews submitted compliance inspections (notification of the outcomes is done for all areas of the county)
Treating the Community's Waste Water
Blue Earth County’s rural residents rely on septic systems to treat the wastewater generated in their homes and businesses. The proper location, design, installation, use, and maintenance of an individual Subsurface Sewage Treatment System (SSTS) protects the public health, safety, and general welfare by the discharge of adequately treated sewage to the groundwater.

Each system utilizes prescriptive design, construction, and operational standards to reasonably provide public health and environmental outcomes as a basis for a custom-designed system.

Recent Updates

With the adopted revisions to the State Rules that govern the regulations concerning septic systems (SSTS), Blue Earth County has updated and adopted their ordinance (effective April 1, 2010) to reflect needed changes to stay in compliance with the State Rule.

Recently, this ordinance was amended to address when a compliance inspection is required for an existing septic system, and to clarify language within the ordinance regarding aligning terminology, timeframes and practices with MN Statutes and other portions of the County Code of Ordinances. The amended ordinance was adopted and became effective March 26, 2013. These environmental protection standards have been adopted countywide.