Service Calls

The Communications Division, also known as the 9-1-1 Center, serves Blue Earth County and all of the cities in the County. They receive 9-1-1 emergency and non-emergency calls for service.

The center uses Computer-Aided Dispatching, or CAD. CAD saves valuable time in dispatching emergency units. In cases where there is a Mobile Communications Terminal in the squad cars, the calls are sent directly to the unit via computer.

Helpful Hints When Calling 911


In addition to radio and telephone communications, the 9-1-1 Center is connected with the State of Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension teletype network and the national teletype network. These networks provide information to and from all sheriffs’ offices, police departments, and federal and state agencies in the United States, U.S. territories, and Canada.

Weather Alerts

The Communications staff monitors weather advisories and alerts and appropriate information is relayed to other law enforcement agencies throughout the County. The dispatchers provide a valuable link to emergency responders for all Blue Earth County residents.