Inmate Services

Purchasing a Phone Card

To establish a prepaid collect call account or to buy an inmate phone cards, please visit the Reliance Telephone website.

Sending Money to an Inmate

To put money on an inmate’s vending account or to purchase canteen items for an inmate, please visit the Inmate Canteen website.

Corresponding with an Inmate

All written communications must go through the US Postal Service. We do not allow notes and/or letters to be dropped off. To address a letter to an inmate use the following address:

Blue Earth County Jail
PO Box 228
Mankato, MN 56002

Do not send cash through the mail, if you want to send money please send it as a money order made out to the inmate.

The jail lobby also has a self serve kiosk for the public to deposit money onto the inmate’s account. The kiosk only accepts cash or credit card.

The public can also leave voice messages for the inmates at (507) 414-8640 and follow the voice prompts (The message system is not confidential). The inmate can return the call either by calling collect or using a phone card. Custody staff will not deliver personal phone messages to inmates from an outside source.