Yearly Training Requirements for Licensed Providers

Per MN Statutes 245A.50, 16 hours of annual training is required each year and must include:

  1. Child Growth and Development/Behavior Guidance (every year)
    • Courses under KCF I or IIc fulfill this requirement
  2. Active Supervision or Health & Safety 
    • 2 hours each year
    • Courses under KCF VIIB or any Active Supervision class fulfills this requirement
    • Note:  Health & Safety I and II must be taken every 5 years
  3. CPR (renew every 2 years)
  4. First Aid (renew every 2 years)
  5. SUID (every 2 years, videos on the off year)
  6. AHT (every 2 years, videos on the off year)
  7. Child Passenger Restraint (if transporting, renew every 5 years)

For training hours to be approved, the course must focus on one or more of the training subjects outlined in MN Statutes 245A.50:

  1. Ongoing training subjects shall be selected from the following areas:
  2. Child growth and development
  3. Learning environment and curriculum
  4. Assessment and planning for individual needs
  5. Interaction with children
  6. Families and communities
  7. Health, safety, and nutrition
  8. Program planning and evaluation
  9. Behavior guidance
  10. Cultural dynamics

County licensing staff will accept training approved by the Minnesota Center for Professional Training, including:

  1. Face-to-face classroom training
  2. Online training
  3. Relationship-based professional development, such as mentoring, coaching, and consulting