Park Rules

  1. Rules, Guidelines & Regulations
  2. Campground Rules
  3. Reservation Rules
  4. Boat Rental Rules
  5. General
  6. Park Operation
  7. Pets
  8. Protection of Wildlife
  9. Vehicles
  10. Beverages & Drugs
  11. Weapons
  12. Swimming, Boating, Fishing
  13. Red Jacket Trestle
  14. Ice Sailboats

The County Board has provided for the creation and establishment of County Parks, County Monuments, County Recreation Areas, County-wide Trail Systems, and County Waysides for the purpose of conserving the scenery, natural and historic objects, and wildlife therein.  It secures the quiet, orderly, and suitable use and enjoyment of these areas and it furthers the safety, health, comfort, and welfare of all persons in their use. 

Any person who willfully violates any rules promulgated herein shall be subject to immediate removal from the park or guilty of a misdemeanor or both.  Refund(s) will not be issued if removed from a campground or shelter.

These rules are set by County Ordinances Chapter 12 - Parks and Recreation.

Please call the Blue Earth County Parks Department at (507) 304-4025 with any questions.