Customer Service and Recycling Building

The customer service building (opened in 2016) provides increased safety and convenience for Ponderosa Landfill customers, while providing greater opportunities to recycle and store accumulated materials coming to the landfill. The general public and smaller self-hauled business customers can drop off materials at the building, eliminating the need to travel into the fill area where large haulers bring commercial loads of waste.

The facility features a modern scalehouse/office area and a large service building area that offers several options for customers bringing waste to the Landfill.


Services Provided

Mattress Recycling

Mattresses are recycled through 7 Rivers Recycling in Onalaska, WI. Box springs and mattresses are disassembled and the components- metal springs, foam, fibers, and wood- are recycled. Up to 80% of used mattress components can be recycled. Mattresses cost $22.00

Appliance Recycling

We accept appliances for recycling. It costs $21 / item for most appliances; furnaces, air conditioners, fridges, and freezers cost $26 / item to recycle. 

Electronics Recycling

Electronics are accepted for recycling. Electronics are recycled through Green Tech Recycling, electronics are disassembled and recycled into new electronic components. Blue Earth County residents can participate in our reduced fee program for waste electronics. Must have proof of residency upon arrival.

  • $5 / item for the first 5 items
  • $15 / item for all other electronic items

Document Destruction

Documents are accepted for destruction as a free service to Blue Earth County residents. Up to 2 bankers boxes of documents can be dropped off at a time. Large loads are not accepted. All shredded paper from documents are recycled. 

Security Disclaimer: Items are dropped off in a locked and secure container. This is not a certified shredding service, we recommend people with high security documents to use a professional service. 

Bagged Garbage Drop-Off

Skip the Scale! If you are a resident dropping off a few bags of garbage you can skip the scale and use our bagged garbage drop-off. Simply drive up to the scalehouse and inform the attendant how many bags of garbage you have, pay for disposal, and drop off your bags of garbage into the roll-off container located in the parking lot. 
Cost: $6 - Up to 15 bags of garbage